Filmmakers’ Market

産地直送 The Filmmakers’ Market Is Now Open!

The Filmmakers’ Market is a new marketplace for documentaries that tears down the walls separating Japanese filmmakers and foreign viewers and allows filmmakers to bring their English-subtitled works in for direct sale, kind of like a farmer’s fresh produce market. We plan to feature not only Japanese but also other Asian documentaries. All of the DVDs are packaged by the directors and producers themselves, so some may have only Japanese on the package or in the booklet (we note as such below), but and all of them have English subtitles.

Available Releases:

Holy Island

Holy Island US $30.00 Total running time: Approx. 105 minutes. / color

祝の島 Hori no shima Iwaishima Island, part of Kaminoseki City in Yamaguchi Prefecture. On this island in the Seto Inland Sea, the 500 residents have been living by helping each other and sharing things, since that was what was necessary to live in such a harsh natural environment. In 1982, there surfaced a project for constructing a […]

We Shall Overcome

KATO-KUN_DVD-JACKET_sell_ol US $30.00 Total running time: Approx. 130 minutes. / color

戦場ぬ止み Ikusaba nu tudumi A hundred thousand non-combatants—one in four Okinawans—died in the brutal Battle of Okinawa at the end of World War II. Postwar, the U.S. military forcibly constructed military bases throughout Okinawa. Even today, 43 years since Okinawa’s reversion to Japan and 70 years since the war, 74% of all U.S. military facilities in […]

Tale of a Butcher Shop

US $ Total running time: Approx. 108 minutes.. / color

Screening Rental Only: Since we cannot take rental orders through our shopping cart, please contact us at if you want to screen this film at your institution or festival. Thank you. ある精肉店のはなし (Aru seinikuten no hanashi) In Kaizuka City, Osaka, the family-run Kitaide butcher shop makes its living by raising and slaughtering cattle, selling the […]

The Horses of Fukushima

The Horses of Fukushima (Matsubayashi) US $35.00 Total running time: Approx. 74 minutes. / color

祭の馬 (Matsuri no uma) No one could have ever imagined the absurd fate awaiting Mirror’s Quest and the other horses of Fukushima: almost dying in the tsunami; exposed to radiation inside the 20 km exclusion zone surrounding the nuclear meltdown; left for weeks without fodder; shut away in stables for months because of government red tape. […]

Fukushima: Memories of the Lost Landscape

Fukushima: Memories of the Lost Landscape (Matsubayashi) US $35.00 Total running time: Approx. 109 minutes. / color

相馬看花 (Soma Kanka) The Enei district of Minami Soma town lies within the 20 km exclusion zone around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. In early April 2011, immediately after the devastating tsunami and nuclear meltdown forced people to evacuate the area, filmmaker Yoju Matsubayashi rushed here with relief goods. From a chance meeting with city […]

Flowers & Troops

Flowers & Troops (Matsubayashi) US $35.00 Total running time: Approx. 106 minutes. / color

花と兵隊 (Hana to heitai) Inspired by the documentaries of the great Shohei Imamura, under whom the filmmaker studied, this film explores the lives of Japanese soldiers who chose not to return to Japan when the war finished, but who stayed behind in Southeast Asia to build new lives for themselves. “I still have a nightmare where […]

The Last Geisha Madame Minako

The Last Geisha Madame Minako US $43.00 Total running time: Approx. 59 minutes. / color

みな子姐さん:最後の吉原芸者 Being the last geisha in Yoshiwara, the only licensed pleasure quarter in megalopolis Edo, which became present-day Tokyo, means she stood at the end of a 400-year-old lineage of women entertainers. From childhood she trained daily in the traditional arts of music and dance, and though she had to sacrifice the kind of domestic […]

Barefoot Gen’s Hiroshima

Barefoot Gen's Hiroshima (Yuko Ishida) from Zakka Films US $34.95 Total running time: Approx. 77 min. / color

はだしのゲンが見たヒロシマ (Hadashino Gen ga mita Hiroshima / Japan / 2011) “Through my story, I hope viewers will come to feel closer to a world without war and nuclear weapons. Please ponder that possibility as you watch this film.”—Keiji Nakazawa With the passing of Nakazawa Keiji in December 2012, Barefoot Gen’s Hiroshima now stands as the […]

Ashes to Honey—Toward a Sustainable Future

Ashes to Honey—Toward a Sustainable Future (Kamanaka) from Zakka Films US $35.00 Total running time: Approx. 116 minitues. / color

For 28 years, the people of Iwaishima Island,  living in the middle of the beautiful Inland Sea, have been opposing a plan to build a nuclear power plant. The island has a 1000-year history during which people have preserved their traditional festival. Takashi, the youngest on the island, is struggling to earn his living. He dreams of a […]

Living the Silent Spring

Living the Silent Spring (Masako Sakata), from Zakka Films US $40.00 Total running time: Approx. 87 minutes. / color

The burden of Agent Orange, across generations and across the world—and the courage to face and bear the consequences.