About Us

We’re here for one reason: we love Japanese cinema.

Unfortunately, many of the powerful and wonderful films we love aren’t available outside Japan, so naturally, our mission is to change that.

Starting with The Roots of Japanese Anime, we’ll present some of the classics and great works of Japanese cinema on information-rich, high-quality DVDs. Our main focus is anime and documentary, but as we scour archives and film festivals, our over-riding criteria are filmmaking excellence and historical significance, in whatever genre it’s wrapped. Every DVD will come stocked with extra bonus features and commentaries by noted scholars sure to enlighten students, researchers, and even the casual observer of Japan.

Along the way, we think you’ll get a richer, truer conception of Japan and Japanese culture, how it is unique and groundbreaking, but also how it contributes to the splendor of world cinema and the history all of us share.