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Toshikuni Doi


Born in 1953 in Saga Prefecture, Japan. He first became involved with the Palestine-Israel problem in 1985, and has been filming in Palestine and Israel for 17 years. Working with the Palestinian Documentary Society, he completed the four-part Unheard Voices: Palestinians, Israelis, and the Occupation in 2009. Breaking the Silence is Part 4 of this series of films. 
He has produced numerous documentary programs for NHK and commercial television in Japan, including Fallujah, April 2004. His many books (all in Japanese) include Palestine: Occupation and the People; The Jews of America; Palestine and the “Peace Agreement; Palestinian Voices, Israeli Voices; and Breaking the Silence: Former Israeli Soldiers Discuss “Occupation.”

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Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence (Toshikuni Doi), from Zakka Films Total running time: Approx. 130 minutes. / color

In the spring of 2002, the Israeli army surrounded and attacked the Balata refugee camp. The camera follows residents living in at state of terror and records their lives and feelings.