Holy Island

Holy Island

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祝の島 Hori no shima

Iwaishima Island, part of Kaminoseki City in Yamaguchi Prefecture. On this island in the Seto Inland Sea, the 500 residents have been living by helping each other and sharing things, since that was what was necessary to live in such a harsh natural environment.

In 1982, there surfaced a project for constructing a nuclear power plant in Tanoura, on the opposite shore about 3.5 kilometers from Iwaishima Island. The people here have opposed the project since then, saying, “We can only live as long as we have mountains and the sea. We cannot sell the sea during our generation.” The residents of Iwaishima live by thinking of future generations, whereas nuclear power stations are built in a society that pursues efficiency and profits only in the present. This difference in values and the conflicts between them are seen everywhere in Japan. If we consider life 1000 years from now as a continuation of our current life, it is clear what our choice should be. This film depicts the life and struggle of the islanders, their actions that are dedicated to future generations.