Another Afghanistan: Kabul Diary 1985

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Another Afghanistan: Kabul Diary 1985

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An engrossing portrait of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, as it has rarely been seen before. Japanese documentarist Noriaki Tsuchimoto was one of the few outsiders officially allowed to film during the Soviet occupation. Photographed in 1985 during the nation’s civil war, Another Afghanistan reveals everyday life on the streets before al-Qaeda and the Taliban: nomads mixing with urban dwellers, modern apartment buildings next to mosques and bazaars, women attending school or vocational training, the massive turnout on the anniversary of the Revolution. Unfortunately the original location sound track has been lost, so Tsuchimoto himself has supplied a new voice-over commentary.

The booklet of the Documentaries of Noriaki Tsuchimoto which includes a critical evaluation of Tsuchimoto’s career and commentaries on each film by prominent scholars.

  • Language: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Technical Information: DVD, All Region Free, NTSC
  • Package Details: DVD Jacket (English), Leaflet (English)

Director: Noriaki Tsuchimoto
Production Company: Ciné Associé
Camera: Jin Takaiwa, Masafumi Ichinose
Editor: Noriaki Tsuchimoto, Motoko Tsuchimoto, Tomoko Baba
Music: Midori Takada
Narration: Noriaki Tsuchimoto with John Junkerman’s English Subtitles.