Barefoot Gen’s Hiroshima

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Barefoot Gen’s Hiroshima

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(Hadashino Gen ga mita Hiroshima / Japan / 2011)

“Through my story, I hope viewers will come to feel closer to a world without war and nuclear weapons. Please ponder that possibility as you watch this film.”—Keiji Nakazawa

With the passing of Nakazawa Keiji in December 2012, Barefoot Gens Hiroshima now stands as the manga artist’s last message of peace to the world. Mr. Nakazawa recounts his life, from the aftermath of the atomic bombing up until the days he created his acclaimed manga series Barefoot Gen (Hadashi no Gen), by exploring sites of painful memories in Hiroshima. Through Mr. Nakazawa’s story, and his original art work, Barefoot Gens Hiroshima illuminates the nature of war and nuclear weapons, urging us not to repeat the past.

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  • Vendor: Siglo
  • Language: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Bonus Features: Barefoot Gen’s Message, a shorter 32 mins version of Barefoot Gen’s Hiroshima for educational purpose.
  • Technical Information: DVD, All Region Free, NTSC
  • Package Details: DVD Jacket (English), Leaflet (English)

Featuring: Keiji Nakazawa
Project conceived by: Tomoko Watanabe
Producers: Tetsujiro Yamagami, Kuniko Watanabe
Director: Ishida Yuko
Camera: Koshiro Otsu
Editor: Yuji Oshige
Sound editor: Takeshi Ogawa
Music: Hiroshi Ogawa
Production Company: Siglo, Tomo Corporation