Filmmakers’ Market

産地直送 The Filmmakers’ Market Is Now Open!

The Filmmakers’ Market is a new marketplace for documentaries that tears down the walls separating Japanese filmmakers and foreign viewers and allows filmmakers to bring their English-subtitled works in for direct sale, kind of like a farmer’s fresh produce market. We plan to feature not only Japanese but also other Asian documentaries. All of the DVDs are packaged by the directors and producers themselves, so some may have only Japanese on the package or in the booklet (we note as such below), but and all of them have English subtitles.

Available Releases:

Living the Silent Spring

Living the Silent Spring (Masako Sakata), from Zakka Films US $40.00 Total running time: Approx. 87 minutes. / color

The burden of Agent Orange, across generations and across the world—and the courage to face and bear the consequences.

Mapping the Future, Nishinari

Mapping the Future Nishinari (Yukio Tanaka, Tetsuo Yamada) from Zakka Films US $30.00 Total running time: Approx. 53. / color

Nishinari in Osaka is home to one of Japan’s largest concentrations of day laborers, with much of the population being composed of homeless persons, buraku (a discriminated community of descendants of outcast groups), former yakuza, and Korean-Japanese. This documentary presents the people of Nishinari, not from on high, but rather from their own level.

Rokkasho Rhapsody

Rokkasho Rhapsody (Hitomi Kamanaka) from Zakka Films US $35.00 Total running time: Approx. 102 minitues. / color

In 2004 the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant was completed in Rokkasho village as a facility for reprocessing spent fuel from Japan’s nuclear reactors into plutonium. The film spotlights the people of the village, who hold diverse opinions regarding this huge, nearly operational national project.


Bingai (Feng Yan) from Zakka Films US $30.00 Total running time: Approx. 117 . / color

Bingai, a documentary by Feng Yan, a director deeply inspired by Shinsuke Ogawa, has just been added to the Filmmakers’ Market. Bingai won the Ogawa Shinsuke Prize (the grand prize of Asia program) at the Yamagata Film Festival.

Echoes from the Miike Mine

'Echoes from the Miike Mine,' from Zakka Films US $30.00 Total running time: Approx. 103 minutes. / color

Seven years in the making, this moving documentary is the first to directly confront the legacy of the Miike coal mine, reviving through eyewitness testimonies 150 years of forced labor, strikes and explosions that modern Japan is still trying to forget.

Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence (Toshikuni Doi), from Zakka Films US $30.00 Total running time: Approx. 130 minutes. / color

In the spring of 2002, the Israeli army surrounded and attacked the Balata refugee camp. The camera follows residents living in at state of terror and records their lives and feelings.

Artists in Wonderland

'Artists in Wonderland' (Makoto Sato), from Zakka Films US $30.00 Total running time: Approx. 93 minutes. / color

This is a film about seven artists. It’s also about seven people who are mentally handicapped. This has all the marks of a Makoto Sato film: the quirky humor and passion for everyday human life.